Why Do people don’t start?

Author: Dheeraj, Facilitator, The CEO Insights

“I think I will do it by tomorrow”…”I am definitely going to do it by tomorrow”…both the statements are grammatically correct, convey almost the same meaning, But there is a lot of difference between Almost same and actually same.

The first statement gives a probability while the second statement looks more certain. Let me elaborate on why people think of doing/starting something but they never do/start, and even if they do/start it, it’s too late.

Sometimes it is fear!!

People may fear to start something that they always wanted to do for two reasons. 1st they fear of losing and 2nd is lack of confidence to start their desire. The first category of people is those who worry about end results. One should always be futuristic but should be positive and flexi minded. Worrying doesn’t make any sense, if things are not right; YOU have to make them right else they will make you wrong. The second category needs to boost up their confidence by keep trying.

Previous bad experiences!!

There is not much with the self confidence of this type of people, they one is that it is easily shakable. One wrong hit, and they are out, depressed and make a Never do it attitude. Well it’s difficult to say that how they shall improve, probably read about those who got only failures in life but they never stopped trying. Just one spark is enough to ignite confidence in this category of people.

Too much analytical!!

Too much analysis itself delays the start. However, analysis is the best thing to do before starting anything, but you should know when to do which kind of analysis. There should not be any external factor influencing the analysis.

Used to of it!!

This category is used to of delaying things. They are lethargic and think if not them, someone else will do the work for them. But this never happens and it may cost heavily to them. I think used to attitude needs to be checked initially. Once it becomes a habit then it is very difficult to change it.


This category is very intelligent (I am not sure, they may not be actually). All they do is criticize what others have done. So they are found busy in this activity always and they never get time to start. Even if they start, then others don’t motivate them as they also have their previous bad memories with them. But does this category require motivation is a big question. I don’t take criticizing as a favorable exercise at all; this category needs to be less evaluative about others.

So, could you find yourself in some category? If not, write down in comments.

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