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Interviewed by: Sandeep kshatriya, Facilitator, The CEO Insights

joydipIn the market environment when corporate are paying high salary and are treating their employee as a King, why you opted for entrepreneurship?

Passion and a urge to do something creative and new.

What is your educational qualification and background? How is it helping you in this venture?

I have done YPP (Young Professional Program) from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata. It has helped to understand the business better. This also gives an insight to implement what is there in your mind in a much better way. It makes you learned about different situation.

Today there is no dearth of business opportunities. The ideas have got wings. In such scenario why you opted for this business? What all business ideas you had before starting this venture?

Joydip Chakladar

Company Name & Designation


Founder and SME Planning Consultant

Company Headquartered in





YPP, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata

Former employer

Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata

Former designation

Guest Faculty

Area of responsibility


Favorite book/movie

Savitri , Forest Gump, Sajbatir Roopkatha


Writing and Meditation

I use to love building business plans. The whole process of setting a goal and creating systems and processes to achieve excites me. Building a business plan in paper is like giving a dry run before building a business in reality. So I choose the idea of building business plans for Small and Medium Enterprise. Later, I find there is huge market for planning on level of Government too in designing plans and programs for citizen and also building SEZ (Special Economic Zone) for Industries. I find planning is important in everything you do. It’s the theory of doing things.

I had the idea of delivering training solution which will help people to take the profession of entrepreneurship. I wanted to build a online university on these.

Why did you zero down on this business idea?

I got more customers looking for real business plans, rather than education of entrepreneurship and business plan.

Please tell our readers something about your first ‘encounter’ with entrepreneurship and how this has changed your life?

I think, entrepreneurship is a way of living and process of discovering yourself. I might not know so much about my latent talent, if I didn’t become an entrepreneur. It gives an option to stand out and become different and unique. It gives a freedom of choice. To me becoming an entrepreneur is becoming free to choose the way you want to design your life.

Please tell us about the background of your company?

We are a social business which supports Small and medium enterprises to build business plan and raise funds. We help SME’s to get connected with the financial institution we work with.

Please tell us about the promoters, organizational structure, business objectives and USP of your company?

The Business is promoted by my family and the organization structure is a consortium where we have a number of consultants coming together to deliver consulting work. Our Business objective is to help more and more Small and Medium Enterprises to develop business plans, talk education on entrepreneurship and raise funds and Branding support from our connections. We also want to work with Government on building right kind of policy mix that will enable the business environment. Besides, we also consult this SME on environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Our USP is delivering complete Business Advisory solution for the success of SME’s.

What is your business model? How many revenue streams are being targeted and how?

We provide consulting and educational solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises. We have targeted revenue streams from consulting and also from education product on entrepreneurship and SME issues.

What are the services being offered by your company? How are they different from your competitors?

We offer business planning service along with different forms of Business advisory services.

Who are your major competitors? from Pal Alto Software

Who are your partners? How are they supportive in the growth of your company?

We have Times Private Treaties, and Canaan Partners as our partner. They help us to deliver complete solutions to our SME clients by attaching financial and brand building support into our business.

What kind of background and domain expertise you look for in your employees?

We are a consulting company and I look for management background with consulting experience.

What are the different finance options you have? Do you look for more?

Most of my finance has come from my personal savings, friends and family. I would look forward to have venture capitalists investing in your venture.

What are your future plans? How do you see your company evolving in the next five years?

There is a decrease of number of consulting leads we are getting due to present economic downturn. But in future we see our company to become one of the major players in consulting in global markets. We have plans to diversify ourselves into other consulting practices apart from our present focus to SME Practices. In future we are going focus a lot on Strategic consulting to Governments on building Country plans and assisting on Nation building efforts.

Please comment on the strategies your company is adopting to capture a higher market share amidst stiff competition?

We are trying to become more visible on Government and NGO sector apart from Corporate and SME sector to capture higher market share.

Are you considering any strategic alliance or other measures to augment your market reach or business capabilities?

We are planning to build strategic alliances with more SME support organizations.

Would you like to highlight any other aspect of your company?

We have been there for last 16 months. We have achieved 10 consulting contracts and consulted startup and SME’s on business planning. We have worked with International and National Government in one policy making project. So we think we have a great growth engine.

Would you like to make any concluding statements?

We have reached a time when businesses are creative and have social and environmental goals to reach apart from economic goals which we refer as triple bottom-line .This is a great time when we will more social and eco-friendly businesses coming which are making economic success stories.

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