Written by: Shreya Jha, Student, IBS Hyderabad

Find the CEO hidden within you. Express who you are and where you are heading. Find your central goal, a goal which shapes and explains all your life.Your positive central goal pulls you toward a bright future. But if your central goal is negative, face it and replace it as soon possible otherwise it will spoil your future. The replacement goal should be as large and positive enough to govern the rest of your life. It takes courage to become a person you meant to become. Your goal should connote to that person you believe truly exists. Make the changes that help you to become a person you are meant to be, living the sort of life you are meant to live. Most of executives when get into forties after their marrige and children, they lose touch of what they believe and care deeply. If you forget who and where your company is, you cannot figure out where your company going.

The boundaries decide the choices we face, big and small, each and every day. Boundaries separate the “Who am I” from “Who can be” .The reality is full of boundaries, threats and opportunities. But when you accept reality, it removes fear, convenes strengths and ensures achievement. Succesful CEOs know who they are, comprehend what their unique strengths are, and know the same about their organizations. A CEO needs to make changes according to central goal from the bottom-up in his organization.

Your future should be result of your soul searching and thoughtful actions. In spite of forcing your future with limited vision, you should wisely go forward with faith and adaptibility. You cannot control situations but you can control your actions to different situations. When you appreciate the life as it comes, you like a ship in ocean roll forward with waves even when encountered with enormous forces.

In your company, diagnose the ideal, the self which you want people to see that is your good intentions and the real, your essence and find the harmony between two.Find the gap between your organization’s good intentions and actual performance. An organization goes through four phases-1 Birth 2.Growth and Power 3. Decay 4. Rebirth or Death. Assess to see where your company resides in this cycle and then take appropriate actions.A CEO should trust its actions rather than his words which help him to discover any gap between how he views himself and how others see him. The best CEO never withdraws from others, either physically or mentally. Establish and maintain contacts with the significant people in your work and life. Develop an environment of candor, clarity and collaboration where everyone wins. In your company, build a superior team with high performing, talented people, give them autonomy in work, offer your unique strengths to your team and learn continously.

The goal of your company is magnet on the horizon, pulling you forward into the future. Your vision helps you to find who and where you were yesterday and who and where you will go tomorrow. It takes courage to pause and reflect, to seek help, to acknowledge mistakes, and apolize.Vision prevent you from trying to become a person who you are not, trying to do something you cannot do, going in wrong direction. Pull yourself away from all the fictions you have created about your identity, quality and purpose and identify your true, lived values your actual behaviour.Each person borns with certain potentialities, which he freely accepts or rejects, cultivates or neglects. In that sense, he is making choice about what happens next to his life. A succesful CEO provides the best model for how to live and work in the world with others. If you face your fear, consult your heart and own your uniqueness you will gain something more than you imagine. According to Peter Drucker, The effective executive makes his strengths productive and his weeknesses irrelevent.

And lastly mentoring helps leaders fully present both on and off the job in his company. A mentor nurtures teams who take his vision forward in his absense. If you deeply care for your company then unleash the CEO within you and create more prosperous and rewarding future.

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