Andreas Gellner, Managing Director, Adidas India

AdidasIn the race for success, if your foot is firmly on the ground and your spirit soaring, there is all possibility that you will reach the final goal. The popular saying in sports is equally true in business world, which has been amply proved by Andreas Gellner, Managing Director of Adidas India.

Taking over the rein of the company’s operation in India in August 2004, Gellner disapproved the theory that India was not the right place for selling high-end expensive shoes. Gellner, who is an extremely bullish about the Indian market, is confident about taking India to the top three markets for the German sports goods manufacturer in Asia.

He joined Adidas in the year 1995 in Germany. In October 2000, he became one of the youngest ever Managing Directors of Adidas when he was promoted to the role of Managing Director of Adidas Malaysia. Under his leadership, Adidas Malaysia has consistently been one of the top countries in Region Asia Pacific over the past few years. Andreas’s ability to take on the challenges and guide Adidas to a leadership position in the growing Indian market has been wonderful.

His strategy has been to focus on premium segment as it was showing high growth. To enhance its brand presence, Gellner announced its plans to promote the game of tennis at three levels in India: the nurturing and recognition of young talent through scholarships, sponsorship and association with key tennis events in the country and the launch of high performance tennis sportswear.

He may also make India the hub of activity for South-East Asia, overseeing operations in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Maldives in the next two-three years. According to him, retail in India is witnessing a huge revamping exercise. Organized retail at present comprises merely 4 per cent of the total market in India which would mean that there is a lot of market potential that is remained untapped. In India, more and more brands are getting more serious and focused on exploiting the potential of the Indian market.

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