A.K. Sinha

Chairman and Managing Director, BSNL

BSNlMr. Sinha with his persistent dedication has climbed the pinnacle of success, step by step, making his mark on every step. In an age where communication is the key to success, he has helped India join the rank and file of countries having superior connectivity and telecommunication network. Today few countries can match the excellence, speed and competence of Indian telecom sector.

Sinha, after his B.Sc (Engineering) from MIT Muzaffarpur, joined the Indian telecommunication Service in 1969. Over the years, he worked unremittingly to build a reputation of his own. His wide experience in installation and commissioning of various switching systems in Calcutta and Delhi is well known to those who have seen these two cities changing its tele-profile with leaps and bounds under his adept guidance. BSNL stands as India’s largest Telco and one of the largest Public Sector Undertaking of India.

He successfully got installed many Analogue as well as Digital Telephone Exchanges in the country. Despite all the success and applause, he still remains a simple man whose steadfast conviction is – A man learns more amidst the dust of fields and ground than on his armchair. With his assuming top office the change in the BSNL could very well be felt.

The next generation services like DataOne, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max are already in the process of implementation. A recent survey adjudged BSNL as the Most Trusted Telecom Brand in India with its brand placed at 3rd position. And it will not be exaggeration to say that Sinha has played a seminal role in adding feathers to BSNL’s cap.

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