Written By :- Tanushree Bhattacharya


Advertising is a potent vehicle which includes imagination, creativity, concepts, ideas and innovation to promote new products and remind about changes in the old one. Advertising means selling but for this one need a creativity of mind with the work of beauty and art. 

Advertising can be said both powerful and magical. It sells us dreams and has become fabric by selling life style. We can find that people of the society have tremendous impact of advertisements. In today’s fast moving media driven world it plays a vital role in customers’ mind and sentiments. So advertisements reach to them through the route of emotion which is a powerful one in advertising.  

Advertising proves magical by the ‘power of word‘which leaves an image on the mind of the customers. ‘Words’ not only control the minds but it also changes the view points completely and help the customers to climb the ladder of inquisitiveness. If advertising is shown with the combination of words along with something new factor highlighted then it bring a favorable response of the consumers. 

In the present market scenario advertising is experiencing a period of rapid economic growth worldwide. Like many other marketing tools, advertising is among one of them which try to draw the attention of prospective customers and try to quench their thrust for products and services by presenting them in a favorable manner. If an advertising campaign proves effective then it invites more and more customers with greater frequency. Advertising is one of the parts of ‘marketing Mix’. We have to accept the fact that advertising rely on the heart of marketing strategy which includes public relations, product, packaging, customer service, pricing, promotional programs, word of mouth and channel relationships among other strategies. 

Advertising acts as a guide book which tell us what to buy or not to buy. It is found that advertising is just not only the way to sale products or services but it also acquires its own importance by educating and providing knowledge to customers. It can be said as revenue generator as many media outlets such as television, radio, and newspaper do business due to sale advertising which earns revenue and helps in economic growth worldwide.  

Building of brand image through advertising is important as brand always lives in the memory and hearts of the customers. Companies and customers can share a strong bond of relationship through branding. Promoting public relation is one of the greatest ways to form a brand because it only helps customers to understand a company and its products. To create a good brand and its effectiveness is a long battle although it makes selling easier. 

In case of advertising whatever we see may not be reality and if it shows reality it is quite possible we may not see it. So one of the oldest and traditional conceptual model for creating any advertising is AIDA model: get Attention, hold Interest, arouse Desire and then obtain Action. This model conveys that A stands for Awareness and Attention. That means the first task of an advertisement is to make customer aware about a product. I stand for Interest. It means when a customer will come to know about a product it will automatically create an interest in the mind of that customer regarding the product. D stands for Desire. The desire to obtain that may be generated in the mind of the customer. At last A stands for Action which is the final stage and depends on the determination of customer for taking action to buy that product. 

Through the help of the above model advertising can knock the mind of customers and if it proves effective customers will definitely try the product at least for once in their whole life and if it meet their expectation then it becomes their lifetime product.

In a whole advertising is important for marketing. 

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